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Angela Simpson:

Your Kansas City Hair Stylist!

I am a professional hair stylist in Kansas City experienced in various hair styles and trends. I continue to update my skills and knowledge with continuing education courses as new technologies and trends become available in order to offer my clients the very latest trends in hair care and styling.


During my time working as a Kansas City hair stylist, I have worked with clients of all ages and with all hair types. My number one goal is for my clients to be satisfied with their overall hairstyle and help them to keep and maintain healthy hair. I listen closely to each client in order to understand exactly what they desire.


I have been blessed with a talent as a stylist and cosmetologist. As an experienced hair stylist, I can complete a variety of hair styling services. I specialize in the art of hair coloring,various hair styles, eyelashes, and custom wig units. I also offer hair friendly hair extension services that will not damage hair and are glue and adhesive free.

Colorful Creations

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